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Unveiling the Art of Perfectly Rolled Joints by 2 Fresh Jayz: The FUTURE of Pre-Rolls is Now

Pre-rolled joints, have emerged as a popular choice among enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking convenience, however solid-quality options are difficult to locate. 2 Fresh Jayz is our newest flagship joint brand, bringing craft-quality cannabis to the underwhelming world of the "pre-rolled" joint game. Look for 2 Fresh Jayz to solve the problem with joints that are rolled, never packed.

With the latest technologies in joint rolling and the freshest flower in the United States, 2 Fresh Jayz aims to improve the pre-roll experience, both with our in-house flower brands and for others who want to take advantage of Ganjery Distro’s joint rolling technology. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of our new joints, exploring their benefits, along with a few tips for selecting, lighting, and smoking the perfect joints for your preferences.

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Flagship Joint Brand. Reach out for rolling services

Understanding Pre Rolls: 

Pre rolls, also known as pre-rolled joints or simply joints, are cannabis cigarettes that have been pre-rolled for easy consumption. They typically consist of ground cannabis flower encased in rolling paper. Pre-rolls come in various sizes and strains, catering to a wide range of preferences and potency levels.

While offering convenience, many pre-rolls fail to follow through with quality flower inside. There is often very low quality flower being used for pre-rolls, (leftover shake and small buds) making it difficult to decipher which brand to trust.

Others are spiking their ground cannabis with a distillation extract of pure THC or “live resin”. While this certainly raises the THC level of the flower in the joint, it’s often a sign of low-quality flower. If you are looking for an authentic Humboldt County experience and want to explore our unique modern cultivars, then traditional single-strain doobies* are always your best bet.

*(FWI: A doobie is a joint).

Industry Standard: Packed Cones

The industry standard uses cone shaped joints where very finely ground cannabis is poured, packed, and then shaken into the joint, rather than being rolled. This comes with a list of issues. Finely ground cannabis dries out fast, gets stale quick, and usually burns inconsistently.

Industry Future: Rolled Symmetrically

2 Fresh Jays stand apart with the latest technology in joint rolling, not packing. Rather than packing ground cannabis into cones, 2 Fresh Jayz are shaped like a traditional cigarette: even thickness from the tip to the mouthpiece. A skill very few rollers ever achieve. Rolling or packing a cone is relatively easy, but rolling a joint the perfect size and width from tip to tail, just like a cigarette, is the skill of an elite level joint roller. Symmetry, my dear friends, symmetry.

There's a good reason why Big Tobacco, with endless resources, choose to craft cigarettes that are symmetrical, as it leads to the most efficient and effective burn.

Every pack of 2 Fresh Jayz come with two perfectly rolled joints, each with a solid paper crutch, also known as the mouthpiece. They come sealed in our two packs to preserve quality and freshness, making it easy to sample a list of different strains and flavors.

Rolling Services From Ganjery Distro.

With the latest technology, 2 Fresh Jayz are rolled like a traditional joint and are never packed. This is the future of the pre-rolled joint industry and 2 Fresh Jayz is here to stay. In addition to releasing some of our favorite flavors from our flower brands, Fresh Strain and That Humboldt Green, Ganjery Distro. offers our cutting-edge rolling services to the industry. Contact us today to see how we can work together and let you take advantage of our wholesale rolling technologies.

Benefits of Pre Rolls:


Pre-rolls eliminate the need for manual rolling, making them ideal for users who may not possess the skills or desire to roll their own joints. Even longtime consumers with discerning palates cave in to the convenience of pre-rolled joints. There are plenty of times and occasions that pre-rolled joints make the most sense.


Our Pre-rolls are crafted by professionals using precise techniques, ensuring uniformity in size and shape, which is often not the case for pre-rolled joints. We’re sure plenty of you have been less than pleased by the state of your pre-rolls. Broken, bent, and damaged joints are a huge bummer. Our joints are incredibly consistent thanks to the latest technologies.


Pre-rolls are available in a plethora of strains, allowing consumers to explore different flavors, aromas, and effects, without needing to purchase an entire bag. Many of the craft cultivars from That Humboldt Green and Fresh Strain will eventually make their appearances rolled into 2 Fresh Jayz joints.


Pre-rolled joints are compact and portable, making them easy to carry and consume on the go. Our two packs provide a joint for now and one for later, or one for you and another for a friend. Or, if you just so happen to drop the first joint off the balcony, joint number two is there to save the day!

A Few Tips for Enjoying Joints

Proper Storage:

Store your joints in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain their potency and freshness.

Proper Lighting (Is the Key):

Thanks to our latest rolling technologies, an even burn is all but guaranteed. However, a proper lighting method is still important. Use a lighter or hemp wick to evenly light the tip of the joint, ensuring a smooth and consistent burn. Keep the flame to the tip of the joint while spinning the joint slowly between your fingers to light it from each side before trying to inhale. You can often get it lit and then begin to inhale. If necessary, light the joint briefly while inhaling, but this step can often be avoided.

Turn the joint in your fingers between puffs to ensure a smooth and even burn. If the joint begins to burn faster on one side than the other, make sure to hold the joint with its least lit side up. The side that is burning faster than others should always be held facing the ground when inhaling to help balance the burn.


No, not this kind of pacing: "Pace yourself while consuming pre-rolls to avoid overindulgence and enjoy a comfortable experience." But, pace yourself in the strength of puffs and the frequency of puffs until you are sure the joint is well lit and burning as desired. After that overindulgence is our middle name.


Pre-rolls are perfect for sharing with friends and fellow enthusiasts, fostering social connections and communal enjoyment, which is why every pack of 2 Fresh Jayz comes in twos. Perfect for any sesh. Share a quick smoke session without putting your lips to the same joint. A hygienic way to share.


Pre-rolled joints offer a convenient and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of cannabis. By understanding the nuances of joints and following these tips, you can elevate your consumption experience and savor the art of perfectly rolled joints. Explore the diverse world of cannabis and embark on a journey of relaxation, creativity, and camaraderie.

In summary, joints are more than just convenience; they represent an art form that brings together quality, consistency, and enjoyment in every puff. As you embark on your pre-roll journey, remember to prioritize quality, experiment with our different strains, and savor each moment of your legal cannabis experience.


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