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Gary Payton: Fresh Strain Verified Genetics Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22

The Ultimate guide to Gary Payton, one of the latest cannabis strains to be verified by Leafworks and carried by Fresh Strain Verified Genetics, a Ganjery Distro. Exclusive.

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Through highly specialized lab testing and our close relationships with the breeders and farmers, verified genetics ensures that customers get the absolute most authentic and high quality product, and not just a popular name.


We are proud to be one of the first brands to implement this process and to usher in a new era of strain quality and authenticity. These are genetics that you can trust.

Gary Payton Fresh Strain Product photo display with jar and box and card.
Gary Payton Fresh Strain

Parents of Gary Payton

  1. The Y

  2. Snowman

Genetic Profile: Guide to Gary Payton

A collab between Cookies and Powerzzzup Genetics, Gary Payton is a highly coveted hybrid marijuana strain bred by Cookies cultivar and named after the NBA Hall of Famer. Combining the Y and Snowman breeds a potent, flavorful, and colorful strain. It has high amounts of THC and almost no CBD, and middle-of-the-road effects that provide an even-keeled experience.

Gary Payton statistics laid out in a grid with columns and rows showing the information pertinent to the strain Gary Payton cannabis from Fresh Strain.
Gary Payton Quick Stats

Dominant Terpenes

  • Caryophyllene

  • Limonene

  • Humulene

Gary Payton Fresh Strain Product photo display with jar and box and card.
Gary Payton Fresh Strain

Farm Profile

Between the Mattole River and Eel River, nestled amongst majestic Madrone, Oak, and Fir stands our Humboldt County family farm. Established in 2003, the terroir of the sun-grown estate farm produces world-class cannabis using organic and regenerative practices without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Situated on 30,000 sq ft of pristine Southern Humboldt terrain, they culture nutrients in-house from local organic material, allowing true expression to shine through the flower and products. With decades of combined experience, knowledge and passion for crafting only the cleanest and purest cannabis through sustainable farming methods is what sets Emerald Organics apart from the rest.


Take the risk out of your cannabis shopping and look to Fresh Strain Verified Genetics. Ask for us by name at your local California dispensary. We are located in retail stores across the state of California on our Store Locator.

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