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GOATX Official: Live Rosin Luxury & Some Screaming New Flavors

GOATX is our dream come true. A dream at least twenty years in the making, has finally materialized. For those who grew up persecuted for the plant like ourselves, legalization is something we didn't know would occur in this lifetime. Thankfully, you know the rest...

Gold in. Gold Out. GOATX Live Rosin in a banner ad
Gold in. Gold Out. GOATX Live Rosin

And with the tremendous surge in interest, new technologies have changed the way we experience the plant. Never before has such a pristine method been used to refine the plant's trichomes and preserve their full-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. All achieved with gentle agitation and pressure. The methods are so simple and straightforward (in theory) it's alarming it took this long to figure out, but near perfection has finally been achieved.

a dab of hash rosin
GOATX LIVE ROSIN DAB. Tag us #GOATX on the Gram.

Based in Humboldt County, California, GOATX Live Rosin represents the purest pursuit of untarnished, delicate trichome gland heads. Agitating the plant under water allows its trichomes to naturally break free from the plant. Some sifting and sieving is in order to remove the trichomes from the wash water. After this, the trichome heads are placed in small mesh envelopes before being inserted between two steel plates. These steel plates are referred to as the rosin press, using immense pressure and minimal heat to press the trichomes into the highest grade of cannabis oil, aka Live Hash Rosin.


While the method is relatively straightforward in theory, it requires the highest grade of craft cannabis, frozen during harvest. Small batch, craft-cannabis is crucial as the plant alone determines the final yields. With these newer tactics replacing older methods, today's aim is to find the freshest flavors of cannabis to experience. Removing the plant material provides a hyper-focused presentation of the plant's terpene and flavor profiles. There's never been a better way to experience the plant.


Like all of GOATX releases, you can expect a Tier-1 quality in every box. We're hand selecting only the best cuts, with the loudest flavors, reserving the GOATX line for industry-leading quality. A touch of luxury is yours in each box.

Puro Loco Live Rosin by GOATX

One of our latest flavors to be released, Puro Loco is a cross between the famed Papaya and the beloved Moonbow. The texture is perfect, glossy with gleaming terpenes over a yellow-hued base. She has a slight texture to the otherwise velvety consistency.

The always tropical Papaya palate mixes with Moonbow to create a unique and layered flavor. All of the key elements are apparent from the Papaya, while the Moonbow extends the flavor profile outwards and into the funkier, gassier, and earthier realms. Certain to become someone's new favorite, this fresh batch just dropped. She's perfect for relaxation after a long day's work.

Strawberry Strudel Live Rosin by GOATX

Strawberry Strudel is a cross between Sunset Strudel and Strawberry Fritter. Unlike the famed Strawberry Jelly (think Jolly Rancher) the Strawberry Strudel adds its fructose-sweet strawberry flavor to fresh-baked, doughy-vanilla delights. The loud scent and equal flavor say she's in prime condition. There have been plenty of strawberry cultivars over the years, but none with the sweet and doughy flavor of fresh baked strudels and moist muffins. The Strudel makes its mark.

Wakanda Live Rosin by GOATX

The Wakanda Live Rosin (Purple Punch X Nigerian Haze) is a true homage to its fictional namesake, offering a majestic escape into euphoria. Embark on a journey through the mystical world of Wakanda, bred by Purple City Genetics.

Wakanda’s aroma is a symphony of earthy notes and floral-to-fruity-sweetness, a prelude to the rich flavor profile. As the royal lineage dictates, the effect is regal—uplifting and cerebral with full-bodied stimulation. The heavy gas delivers a potent funk, with the sweet finish acting as the proverbial cherry on top.

GOATX Live Rosin Wakanda
GOATX Live Rosin Wakanda

Its inclusion of Nigerian Haze delivers powerful effects with its Purple Punch providing a sweet sensory-overload. Together they create layers of extraordinary flavor.

Rainbow Belts 3.0 Live Rosin By GOATX

A highly unique and distinct cultivar with a no-nonsense, unmistakable flavor profile. If you have ever wondered where these names and flavors come from, or have a difficult time picking up on the subtle flavors of the plant, get ready to find out. Without the plant material, you can quickly understand what the Z line and Rainbow Beltz are all about. Our Live Rosin is the best way to experience and explore the unique flavor profiles of each variety.

dab of hash rosin

A hard hitting Rainbow Beltz, the 3.0 comes staunch and stacked, ready to deliver. This one rips with sugary skittle shells, as the rainbow belts in its third edition delivers everything and more that was loved about the first: Skittle-shell, candy-coated flavoring with a side of pink bubble-gum and euphoric and uplifting effects.

This strain is renowned for its sweet and fruity aroma, reminiscent of its parent strain Zkittlez. Expect to find notes of berries, citrus, bubble-gum, and candy-like sweetness that smacks. The taste follows the aroma profile, offering a delightful blend of sugary flavors.

White Truffle Live Rosin by GOATX

One of the lightest-whitest rosin badders to come around in some time. With a nearly iridescent gleam coming from the heavy terpene coating (reminiscent of Grease Bucket), I was expecting a blast of fruity flavor, but looks are deceiving. Expecting the harsher hit of citrus or fruit flavor, the White Truffle delivered a knock-out punch of diesel powered fun. No sweet, all savory here.

GOATX Live Rosin White Truffle
GOATX Live Rosin White Truffle

This mysterious new wonder in the hash world comes from unknown genetics, but is said to be crossed with the award winning Gorilla Butter cuts. She exhibits an array of flavors that include pepper or spice, earth, mushrooms, and maybe the slightest hint of garlic that mixes with diesel. A real earthy find for the gas-lovers of the world. Gorilla Butter varieties include Death Star, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Original Glue. Prime and proven stock, from a lineage of award winning flavors.


Find our flavors now at a store near you, on the Store Finder page. Follow us on the gram @GOATX_Official and subscribe for future releases below.


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