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Cereal Milk: Fresh Strain Verified Genetics Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22

The Ultimate guide to Cereal Milk, one of the latest cannabis strains to be verified by Leafworks and carried by Fresh Strain Verified Genetics, a Ganjery Distro. exclusive. FRESH STRAIN is our flower line with a focus on the modern market’s most desirable strains. Using the latest technologies in genetic verification, Fresh Strain is in a class of its own.

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Through highly specialized lab testing and our close relationships with the breeders and farmers, verified genetics ensures that customers get the absolute most authentic and high quality product, and not just a popular name. We are proud to be one of the first brands to implement this process and to usher in a new era of strain quality and authenticity. These are genetics that you can trust.

Join us on this journey as we explore the origins, effects, flavors, and cultivation techniques that make Cereal Milk a standout in the cannabis world.

Parental Lineage

Cereal Milk is a carefully crafted hybrid that blends the genetics of Snowman and Y-Life strains. This combination results in a well-balanced hybrid that leans slightly towards the indica side. Snowman, known for its potency and euphoric effects, pairs harmoniously with Y-Life, bringing in sweet and creamy undertones.

The genetic lineage alone sets the stage for a unique and enjoyable experience thanks to the breeder, Powerrzzzup. As yet another cross of Snowman and the Y, just like Gary Payton, Cereal Milk is a legend in its own right.

Cereal Milk from Fresh Strain product displaying the box, jar, and trading card included.
Cereal Milk from Fresh Strain

Genetic Profile: Cereal Milk Verified

Cereal Milk is a bold name and has a Flavor and Nose that will remind you of it. If you like heavy notes of sweet cream (who doesn’t), then our Fresh Strain Cereal Milk is one you wont want to miss.

Cereal Milk statistics laid out in a grid with columns and rows showing the information pertinent to the strain Cereal Millk cannabis from Fresh Strain.
Cereal Milk Quick Stats

Every 5g Jar is packed in its own box and comes with a unique trading card showcasing the unique characteristics of the phenotype and farm.

Flavor Profile: A Symphony of Delight

True to its name, Cereal Milk boasts a flavor profile reminiscent of the sweet and sugary milk left behind after enjoying a bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal. The strain's terpene profile contributes to this delectable experience, with notes of sweet berries, citrus, and a creamy finish. This makes Cereal Milk not only a treat for the senses but also a strain that stands out for its palatability.

Cereal Milk at Harvest Time fresh flowers with colors
Cereal Milk at Harvest Time

Aroma: The Scent of Sweet Nostalgia

Opening a jar of Cereal Milk reveals a nostalgic aroma that transports you to breakfasts of childhood. The sweet and fruity scent, coupled with a creamy undertone, adds to the overall sensory experience. The aroma alone is often enough to evoke a sense of anticipation and excitement among cannabis connoisseurs.

Cereal Milk from Fresh Strain product displaying the box, jar, and trading card included.
Cereal Milk from Fresh Strain

Farm Profile:

Another one of our Fresh Strain Farmers, Today’s Humboldt County, brings the heat to our lineup by constantly growing the Cannabis that our authentic and artisanal agricultural community has become known worldwide for.

These folks have indoor, greenhouses, and full sun outdoor gardens and use many overlapping styles to produce some of the highest grade medicine available anywhere. This enables them to apply the proper or preferred terroir or environment, depending upon the genetics growing. Talk about dialed-in.

ceral milk cannabis strain macro photography
Cereal Milk Verified Genetic


Take the risk out of your cannabis shopping and look to Fresh Strain Verified Genetics. We are located in retail stores across the state of California on our STORE LOCATOR.  Ask for us by name at your local California dispensary.

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