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The Anatomy of Live Rosin #1: Fresh Frozen Harvests

Ganjery Distro is embarking on the next chapter of Humboldt County Cannabis glory, with GOATX live rosin leading the way. As we cover the intricate process of making our world famous Tier #1 rosin, we want to bring our viewers in closer to the process by highlighting many of the intricacies and challenges along the way.

Our aim is to share our love and passion for the plant with like-minded others, who demand more out of their cannabis brands. This article will reveal the revolutionary harvesting techniques, which have led to numerous breakthroughs in several areas of cannabis extraction or refinement.

Terpenes Degrade Fast

It was once said, and tested, that cannabis plants lose up to 80% of their terpenes after harvest and the several week drying period. A natural result of the drying process, the most volatile terpenes are quickly lost along with the majority of the terpene spectrum.

How We Saved The Terps

For decades we wondered, how is it possible to indulge and enjoy the cannabis plant exactly like it is at the moment of harvest? And for anyone who hasn't harvested a fresh and fruitful cannabis plant, take our word for it, the smell is incredible. But by the end of a two week drying period, the cannabis flower looks unlike the living plant and has lost a good majority of the terpene spectrum. It's how cannabis has always been, a dried version of the original fruit.

hash dab
A Fat Dab of Peach Panther from GOATX

Fresh Fruit or Dried?

Speaking of fruits, the fruit of the cannabis plant is it's trichome glands, that line the surface of female plants during the flowering period. With the plant's cannabinoids, like THC and CBD and it's full spectrum of flavorful terpenes residing in these trichome gland heads, these are the fruit of the harvest.

Fresh Frozen Locks In The Terps

Rather than drying the plant for several weeks before making hash, we now freeze the cannabis plant on the farm, mere minutes after harvest. By freezing the wet plants at the exact moment of harvest, we lock-in an abundance of terpenes missing from the usual dried flower. And by freezing the plant, it opens the door to the finest cannabis products ever discovered: Ice Water Hash & Live Hash Rosin.

All Hands On Deck For Fresh Frozen Harvests

This requires an immense effort. The plant is usually cut and hung to dry during harvest, with the trimming of the plant happening after the plant has fully dried. With fresh frozen harvests the plant's do not require a full and thorough trim. After a quick removal of fan-leaves, a light trim, and bucking the flowers from the stems, it can be weighed, bagged, and placed directly in the freezer. This requires all-hands on deck in order to harvest, trim and buck, and get the plant's into temporary freezers on the farm. The material is then delivered to the lab, and carefully stored in our spacious walk-in freezers.

a guy holding abag of frozen cannabis in the freezer
Steve & Fresh-Frozen. A Match From Heaven

Unlike other operations, where space is limited, especially freezer space, bags of frozen material can often be smashed together, clumped up, and not exactly in a prime condition to wash. With the trichomes lining the surface of the plant, small golf-ball sized nugs are ideal for the ice water wash. As you can see from the photos, we pay careful attention to our source materials, looking to present and provide only the finest aspects this plant has to offer.

frozen cananbis
A Bag of Fresh Frozen Cannabis Flower

From the farm, to the hash lab, to your hands, these trichomes stay fresh and cold until the moment you crack the jar.

An Abundance of Terpenes

While many have learned of fresh frozen harvests, the abundance of terpenes available has often been overlooked. Not only is live rosin made from the highest quality batches of flower growing today, but the method itself presents cannabis like never before. With a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, Live Rosin is revolutionary and provides the clearest, most accurate example of cannabis as it was meant to be.

The Solution

Fresh frozen harvests are the solution to consuming the plant in it's living state. The frozen trichome glands break free from the plant material during the ice water wash, are strained from the water, and pressed into our succulent live hash rosin. It doesn't get any better than this.

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