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A Phenomenal New Flavor From GOATX: "Lemon Sour"

Introducing the latest mind-blowing, Tier #1 flavor, from GOATX and Humboldt's own Ganjery Distro., who is making her appearance under the name: Lemon Sour. We will cover the logistics and few insights into this latest flavor, along with its aroma, taste, and a few macro shots to get you up close with her incredible texture.

dab shot display of box and rosin

Reaching back into the hat to bring some old-school cultivars into the modern age, has never been so much fun. Many of those famous varieties we grew up on are making their return to center stage thanks to the latest solventless advantages. What began in the garage with a boat paddle and a few Brute trash cans from Rubbermaid, has quickly evolved into the modern industry's latest labs and most sought after tech.

Lemon Sour Stacked Dab Shot

And with this newfound ability to remove and isolate the plant's trichome glands, we get to experience corner-stone flavors from the traditional market like never before. Add in a decade or two of R&D, some serious advances in everything from how we harvest to how we grow, and the best of the early 2000's genetics are but a retail purchase away. Welcome to the solventless craft future.

Lemon Sour (Lemon Kush X Sour Diesel)

Lemon Sour keys in on all the best attributes from classic Diesel favorites, like Sour Diesel and the NYC Diesel's of lore. She brings hard hitting, but uplifting and cerebral effects to the storied diesel legacy. And just in case the Diesel wasn't enough, she's crossed with Lemon Kush and grown in living soil, under Humboldt's Harvest Sun.

Lemon Sour looking PRIME!

Grown by Matt Schackow on his Humboldt-based farm, his inclusion of living soil and small batch attention has paid off. Paid-off handsomely, in the realm of hard-hitting and delicious terps with enough flavor to smack you across the face with every dab. Matt found a real winner with this one and we couldn't be more excited to bring it to you.

The Lemon Kush has been a low-key sleeper pick, helping to produce several of our favorite flavors as of late. The lemon pine-sol fragrance is only outdone by her lemon and diesel flavored smoke. A touch of vanilla comes along for the ride, balancing the citrus in a unique way that only the best Diesel's and Kush's can. Grab up these Lemon Sour's now because good terps like these, don't last long.



Live Rosins represent the latest or furthest evolution in cannabis extracts. From a utilitarian method to make use of the trimmings from harvest, to today's ideal final product, concentrates have certainly come a long way.

Not only does it require elite quality material, but hash washing can prove challenging even with top-tier materials. A long list of variables come into play, that often begin before the cannabis leaves the farm. Thanks to trusted artisans like Matt Shackow, GOATX is able to craft incredible flavors like this Lemon Sour.

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