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About Us

We are a collective of cannabis-lifers, serving the people and the plant just as we have done for decades. As lifers, business owners, professionals, and hash-fanatics, we work behind the scenes to create the quality we envision for tomorrow’s market. Taking a fresh approach, Ganjery Distribution uses our extensive network & infrastructure of Humboldt-based businesses, services, and brands to provide solutions for a dynamic marketplace.

With 20+ Years In The Cannabis Industry…

We’ve been cultivating cultivators from Humboldt County and beyond, through our retail and wholesale grow supply stores. With a lengthy track record of proven success, we are the industry professionals and hash-nerds you want watching your weed. With the addition of Ganjery Distribution, we’ve formed a cohesive nucleus to represent and support the Cannabis Community across California & eventually, nation and world-wide.

Interested in Carrying Our Brands?

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