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NF1 / Chemlights: Fresh Strain Verified Genetics Ultimate Guide

Updated: Feb 27

The Ultimate guide to NF1 (aka Chemlights which is possibly (Northern Lights X Chemdawg), one of the latest cannabis strains to be carried by Fresh Strain Verified Genetics, a Ganjery Distro. exclusive. The genetic lineage is shrouded in mystery, leading to heated debate, but we have uncovered bits of the real story here and there. Dive in and grab a jar as we explore this impeccable cut of NF1 and hear the story behind its unlikely rise to Fresh Strain fame.

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This one caught our eye and was labeled as NF1/Chemlights by our local Humboldt County farmer, but there's been a heated debate about the true origins of this cut, leading us to contact some old-heads and Humboldt locals to discover the story and lineage behind this otherworldly cut. As we always do when procuring Fresh Strain's craft-genetics, we question the name and its breeder as we dig deeper. Be sure to keep reading this article to hear the whole story by the end.

a picture of a cannabis bud
What An Absolute Beauty! Unreal quality from NF-1 aka Chemlights from Fresh Strain

Historical Connection #1

Asking our breeder friends where the cut originated, led us to Daniel Hendrix at Hendrix Nursery. He claims to have received the cut from UpNorth back in 2017. However, the breeder as well as the original genetics are largely unknown, but it potentially came from the Redding/Shasta California area. Another case of cannabis mystery, often a clear-cut sign of ultimate quality. When a breeder hits on one like this, the genetic lineage often remains opaque.

NF-1 Fresh Strain Product photo display with jar and box and card.
NF-1 Fresh Strain

In-House Research...

Our main-man Loren did some further investigation to find a cut called Chemlights from Massachusetts, who claims it is a cross of Northern Lights and Chemdog, but we aren't sure whether that relates to Fresh Strain's latest release. Searches online will turn up similar results. Luckily, some patience and further pursuits provided us with more answers.

UpNorth Reveals the Possible History of NF1/Chemlights

Further discussion revealed the story behind today's NF1. Originally, it took a good year and endless attempts to coax a breeder out of Westhaven into sharing the cut. In his own words, "I paid six grand for six moms in 2017- from a gentleman in Westhaven who told me the history. It took about a year to convince him to sell me the genetic. Only one other brand runs this in the state ... and they call it Lava Flower," said the owner of UpNorth.

According to this unnamed man, the original genetic lineage contains a surprise cut of Blueberry mixed between the Northern Lights #5 and Chem Dawg cultivars we figured. And if this is true, we know exactly where the thick, rope-like orange hairs come from, as this was a staple of premium Blueberry way back when. In addition, this would make sense as Blueberry strains came into prominence a handful of years after Northern Lights rise in popularity. With such a unique and powerful genetic, we're tremendously lucky to offer her to the public, but this one won't last long.

Go grab a jar and let us know what you taste or think! Leave us a comment on the gram and we will be sure to get back to you. And if anyone else out there in the canna-sphere has further stories, mysteries, questions, information, or explanations, we want to hear it. Drop a comment on our Fresh Strain Instagram page HERE!

Genetic Lineage: NF-1/ Chemlights

Northern Lights

What a legend. Northern Lights falls under the legacy category, as a cutting edge cultivar that helped progress the black market industry. As one of the first major cultivars to be named, and recognized nationally, its appearance once again under the legal market offers users a chance to experience the roots and foundation for many modern classics.


A legend in its own right, Chemdawg enters the picture and provides a sharp nose, distinct, and flavor packed. The chemical-bleach-chopped parsley, is unmistakable. Since 1991, Chemdawg has been offered by the breeder, Chemdog himself. This is an early legend, pulled from Northern California bag-seed and spread to the people through Grateful Dead concerts in Colorado and beyond. She has led to cultivars such as, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Talk about a loud cut, you can smell this one from a mile away. That old, full-room reeking fragrance that's truly to die for.


If true, the blueberry was known for the thick rope-like hairs that are clearly evident in this NF1.

Genetic Profile: NF1/Chemlights Fresh Strain Verified Genetics

Combined, these power house strains provide the industry with weed that isn't purple for a change. Thick rope-like orange and white hairs cover the neon-green base materials. An utterly pungent citrus, going from lemon pledge to the famous chem-ical-like-taste she's known for is a welcomed surprise. It's cannabis like this that has us forever devoted to the plant. Get a taste of 2004 for yourself and report back!

She displays a rather unique terpene profile, with Terpinolene coming in as the dominant terpene, despite being less common in other genetics. The terpene profiles often overlap and share many of the same traits, but with Terpinolene leading the way, a truly old-school flair brings a missing flavor back to the forefront.

Dominant Terpenes

  • Terpinolene

  • Caryophyllene

  • Limonene

Farm Profile:

NF-1 is grown in the coastal region of Northern Humboldt County using modern hydroponic methods. The ultra controlled environment captures the pristine coastal air and feeds the plants the conditions necessary for ultra dense flowers ranging from lime green and lavender, to a deep, dark, purple. Master growers with decades of experience bring legacy knowledge to the creation of what we consider one of our finest Fresh Strains to date.


Take the risk out of your cannabis shopping and look for Fresh Strain Verified Genetics.  We are located in retail stores across the state of California on our Store Finder. Ask for us by name at your local California dispensary.

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