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Gelly Runtz: Fresh Strain Verified Genetics Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22

The Ultimate guide to Gelly Runtz, one of the latest cannabis strains to be verified by Leafworks and carried by Fresh Strain Verified Genetics, a Ganjery Distro. exclusive.

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Thanks to the breakthrough technologies and genetic testing of Leaf-Works, each of our strains are verified to ensure consistency and authenticity of some of the world's favorite cannabis strains. Many originate right here in Humboldt County, where Fresh Strain has spent the better part of three decades, working to bring the people undeniable winners.

In a new industry built upon decades of black market breeding, the chances of trying the originals are slim to none. That is, until being DNA tested and verified as Gelly Runtz and brought to the cannabis loving world by Fresh Strain Verified Genetics.

Genetic Lineage

  1. Runtz (sherbinksy)

  2. [Gelato 41 x Undisclosed BC2 Gelato#41]

Gelly Runtz from Fresh Strain product display with jar card and box and flower.
Gelly Runtz from Fresh Strain

Genetic Profile: Gelly Runtz Verified Genetics

A balanced hybrid bred from Gelato #41 and Sherbinski Runtz by Calyx Garden. Technically the equation is as stands: [(Gelato #41 x Undislcosed) BC2 Gelato#41] x Runtz (Sherbinski). This award winning strain is officially considered exotic due to its rare exclusivity and it's incredible terpene and cannabinoid profile. Bred and grown for it's high terpene and thc percentages, this ultra fruity strain offer a social and creative high like you've only experienced from your most memorable and enjoyable highs.

Gelly Runtz Fresh Strain Product photo display with jar and box and card.
Gelly Runt by Fresh Strain

Dominant Terpenes

  • Limonene

  • Caryophyllene

  • Myrcene

Gelly Runtz chart of details for the cannabis strain.
Gelly Runtz Quick Stats

Farm Profile:

Our Gelly Runtz is grown in the coastal region of Northern Humboldt County using modern hydroponic methods. The ultra controlled environment captures the pristine coastal air and feeds the plants the conditions necessary for ultra dense flowers ranging from lime green and lavender, to a deep, dark, purple. Master growers with decades of experience bring legacy knowledge to the creation of what we consider one of our finest Fresh Strains to date.

Gelly Runtz Fresh Strain Product photo display with jar and box and card.
Gelly Runtz Fresh Strain


Take the risk out of your cannabis shopping and look for Fresh Strain Verified Genetics.  We are located in retail stores across the state of California on our Store Finder. Ask for us by name at your local California dispensary. And if you can't find us, ask your dispensary of choice to carry the first verified genetics from Fresh Strain and rest assured that you are receiving the authentic genetics.

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